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The StellarFlash® FS solution from ProphetStor is an innovative file system that simplifies the management and access of multiple types of large files. StellarFlash® FS meets the challenges of today’s demanding applications by offering remarkable performance and scalability. Providing concurrent high-speed file access to heterogeneous clients across a global name space, StellarFlash® FS also empowers organizations with hardware-independent data protection, storage virtualization, and Thin Provisioning.

StellarFlash® FS provides massive parallel processing and ultra-high performance – both writes and reads – that enable HPC workflows. Across the diverse fields in HPC, whether in fluid mechanics, geosciences, oil and gas, genomics, climate modeling, intelligence, or network forensics—a vast amount of valuable data is being created and processed. StellarFlash® FS aggregate system capacity scales beyond 100PB and performance exceeding 400GB/s and 10M IOPS is ready to meet the most challenging demands of any HPC workflow.

StellarFlash® FS is architected for heterogeneous client deployments where retrieval, collaborative sharing, and the storing of media resources are critical, while transparently integrating with existing production workflows to provide real-time and high-resolution streaming. This allows customers to more cost-effectively manage, control, and deploy their storage resources to generate faster revenues. Combining high-speed data sharing with cost-effective content retention, StellarFlash® FS builds a consolidated infrastructure of storage resources so that HPC and M&E workflow operations run faster and business assets are fully leveraged. Since data sharing and retention are combined in a single solution, StellarFlash® FS eliminates point products that only deliver partial functionality and, often, do not integrate easily.

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Key Features


Massive Scalability

With a single digital motion picture generating upwards of 2PB of data, imagine being able to manage all of it in one place, in one file system, in one global name space, and along all points in the workflow. StellarFlash® FS realizes that vision by managing up to 64 ZB of shared storage in a single repository for demanding video applications. Users share a single global name space capable of containing all active online and archived content. At the same time, StellarFlash® FS allows customers to seamlessly add or modify storage infrastructure non-disruptively, keeping workflows online and providing a “pay-as-you” grow model for your storage hardware.

High Performance

The StellarFlash® FS solution leverages standard high-speed SAN technology for data movement directly between the requesting client and the data store while POSIX-compliant file system protocol traffic is carried over the LAN. The StellarFlash® FS solution is not a network file system like NFS. StellarFlash FS takes file management beyond a single system by providing scalable access from multiple systems. It interacts with applications in the same manner as a local file system, but is designed to deliver much higher performance, scalability, and fault tolerance by allowing access to the data from multiple, heterogeneous systems directly and simultaneously. StellarFlash® FS overcomes the data transmission bottlenecks of traditional distributed file systems. Data is transmitted over InfiniBand, Fibre Channel (FC), or iSCSI connectivity for maximum performance. This makes StellarFlash® FS an ideal solution for the HPC applications and media & entertainment (M&E) industry and for other organizations that utilize high-bandwidth applications.

Global Name Space

All StellarFlash® FS clients share a single global name space. Administrators can expand, move, rebalance and reconfigure storage without affecting how users view and access it, and without downtime. Data changes are automatically updated in the name space, and require no client reconfiguration or downtime.

Dedicated MDC

Metadata is processed by separate metadata controllers (MDC) connected to both the SAN and the LAN. MDC are responsible for processing file system metadata, organizing the directory tree, journaling, maintaining file properties, recording logs of file operations, byte-range locking, authorizing file access, and directing snapshot copies. By providing dedicated metadata processing and splitting its path from the primary data path, StellarFlash® FS ensures high performance and low latency for demanding workflow applications A high availability (HA) clustered architecture allows organizations to maximize data availability and operational efficiency. Two MDC can operate in an active/passive mode, providing quick failover if the active MDC fails.

Flexible deployment options

The core StellarFlash® FS software runs on most popular versions of Linux. Client/workstation agents are available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. For higher definition formats, specialized, high-performance storage is available from ProphetStor’s resellers and partners. StellarFlash® FS can use existing SAN storage and storage networks. With the StellarFlash® FS solution, customers can take full advantage of their existing resources and enjoy a low-cost, high-performance, cross-platform technology that is easily scalable and highly available.

Artificial intelligence technologies for predicting disk failures with high accuracy

Proven, patented artificial intelligence based solution for predicting potential disk failures with more than 95% accuracy. IT administrators will receive alerts and can take actions proactively to replace likely-failed disks before disk failures happen.


The hardware-independent StellarFlash® FS file system achieves maximum management efficiency by consolidating disparate storage resources into a single consolidated pool of storage for digital media production and broadcast deployments. This requires less hardware resources than other products, translates into fewer management software licenses, reduces storage hardware expenditures, lowers operational costs, and optimizes ROI.